Encountering a dead person unexpectedly can generate great emotional strain. In order to help you handle this better, we have summarized some suggestions.

Be clear about the situation in which you are in. Do not rush.
Do not change anything at the site or the position in which you find the dead person, unless external circumstances make this necessary e.g. fire, weather, a traffic situation.

Discuss the situation with others around. Try to find out if there are any others with the person.

Inform the police or other authorities (time, place, position, situation etc.) and possibly find someone else to help you.

Completely cover the dead person (blanket, coat).
Remain in the area until the appropriate authorities have arrived.

Behave in a way that seems appropriate to you, relying on your own judgment.

Determine the wishes of any relatives or others with the person (cultural peculiarities, rites, etc.). Possibly arrange to accompany the relatives or others.

Seek relief from your own stress (e.g. by talking with someone you can trust).