The CISM-model of ICISF bases on a close cooperation between “Peers” (person with same rank out of same working area) and “Mental Health Professionals” (Psychologists, pastoral workers, medical doctors etc).

In several trainings voluntary candidates are taught by Stiftung Mayday the bases of CISM support measures.

Out of this circle CISM Coordinators put together CISM-Teams, which will then implement the according debriefings, legally covered up by Stiftung Mayday. All members of these teams (very often even the professional trainers and advisors) are working honorary. All are bound to observe confidentiality.

Stiftung Mayday takes care of the organisation and the financing of the debriefings, further trainings and supervision.  The quality insurance for all operations is taken care of with the agreement of ICISF. A close  cooperation with most of the German airlines and international aviation organizations is agreed upon. Personal exchange of experiences with US-American CISM-Teams take place regularly.

At the moment there are 250 honorary CISM-Team members prepared to take care of flight crews in need.

In the long-term average, the CISM-Teams are called to about 250 CISM support measures a year.