Fatality: Principles

Regularly the volunteers of the Mayday Foundation, especially members of our CISM-Team, are faced with situations that involved the death of a person, often cases of death at work. 
The circumstances of these cases often become very stressful because of unclear diagnosis, long resuscitation time, accompanying family members, suicide etc.

To meet the demand for consultation proactively, the Mayday Foundation has developed a four-part handout, which is made available in PDF format to enable downloading.

This four-part handout is short and practical, because such situations usually occur unexpectedly and each one is highly individualised. The handouts aim to provide structure in such extreme circumstances, thereby ensuring that nothing substantial is forgotten, thereby reducing stress and enabling emotional processing of the death.

The four handouts are titled:

  • Encountering a Deceased Person
  • Notification of Death
  • The Viewing
  • Accompanying the Bereaved

Additionally we provide a comprehensive German “Checklist of Personal Data”, which may also be downloaded in PDF-format. A link to an American (SETP-) version of such a checklist for aviators is also provided. 

Please let us have any suggestions for improvement. We appreciate all feedback.